When filing taxes, there are several steps you can take to make the dreaded process a smooth one. As a taxpayer, you can plan and keep your documents in order so as to avoid the unnecessary rush. If you have your papers and critical tax info ready, you will know the implications of every entry you end up making. Even though you have hired an accountant at to do it on your behalf, it will be easier for them to put together the information they need to help you avoid audits or summons from the taxman.


One of the issues that taxpayers face is identity theft. You might not be aware that someone has used your social security details until you get a notification from the relevant tax authorities. Although you are likely to get help in such a situation, it helps to be proactive when you realize that your identity is compromised if you suspect that you are a victim of stolen personal documents, you need to contact the taxman.


Taxpayers are always rushing to file the last minute. If you are recording in a hurry, it's advisable that you avoid making glaring mistakes. If you enter the wrong social security numbers, it will result to more errors and delays. Also, you need to make sure that you have the correct numbers if you expect to receive direct refunds at to your checking account. It's wrong to leave out signatures even when you are filing with your spouse. Remember, even though you are filing manually or electronically, it helps to have your returns from last year.


Within the tax returns landscape, procrastination seems to be the norm even when you can file electronically from the comfort of your home; some individuals still face last minute challenges. You need to know that you can opt for an extension or you risk getting slapped with hefty failure-to-pay penalties on top of accrued interests. It's possible to enter into an agreement with the taxman for an extension of up to three months. If you had pending balances, you would still be liable to penalties or interest. The good thing is that you can request for an installment payment plan to help you offset such balances. To get more ideas on where to find the right income tax returns services, go to



Tax breaks and deductions offer relief to taxpayers. As you rush to beat the deadlines, don't forget to capitalize on tax breaks. You need to look at every chance such as deductions made on charitable work. Out of pocket costs for parking, mileage and other expenses associated with volunteerism.